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My lifelong love of cooking inspired me to start "Maui Fresh Chef, LLC" a personal and private chef service here on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  My idea of a fun time is staying up until 3:00 a.m. preparing for a party.  I love making food for the sheer joy of it. Food is edible art.

I am self-taught and have been cooking since the age of twelve, a long time! My love for cooking developed when my mother let me take over her kitchen in Dearborn, MI where I grew up. My Italian grandmother's love for cooking also plays an important role in my approach to food and sharing with others.  

I cook my way through life taking my upbringing, world travels and personal tastes to create artfully fresh gourmet food that is good for you. 

Over the years I have been a personal chef for private families in the Washington, DC area, as well as taught classes to wives on Capitol Hill. I have cooked at an oceanfront restaurant in Maui and have clients from Oahu who come to me for cooking classes. I have hosted 8-course Christmas dinners, exotic French dinners, hired for a week for a family of 12, and have been hired for art gallery receptions and private dinners for people in their homes. In addition to special events I am also available as a personal chef for local clients who have me cook on a weekly basis. I also enjoy cooking for visitors coming to the island who are looking for a unique culinary experience here on Maui.  

I have always enjoyed preparing gourmet meals and my repertoire and style have expanded throughout the years. Although I have an extensive file of recipes I enjoy preparing dishes that match my clients' tastes, as well as incorporating the freshest ingredients available.  Being flexible and creative with food is what I do.  I create new recipes regularly and love coming up with something different and creative.  I have lived and traveled all over the US, Western and Eastern Europe, China and Thailand.  

I'm a cook whose love for healthy, beautifully presented and tasty food is my priority when cooking for others. I enjoy cooking conceptually and I combine ingredients that create a colorful and tasteful dish.  It's about enjoying the food you eat, while getting your nutrition. I rely on natural products to create masterful dishes and use as much organic as possible. 

Nutrition also plays a very important part of my cooking, as I believe the most delicious and attractive foods are made from a large variety of fresh produce, herbs, fish and whole (not processed) foods. Living on Maui for the past srbrm years has played a very significant role in my approach to food. I believe that the ultimate result of any dish I create should look colorful, be flavorful, and be nutritious all at the same time.

I focus on taking fresh island ingredients and combining them to make dishes with fresh Island flavors. I believe that gourmet food can be made healthy and taste delicious too. I want people to experience an ultimate journey of tastes from the Hawaiian Islands. I believe that a journey through the taste buds says more than any words could describe.  

I enjoy creating events around food, it’s not just the food, it’s the experiences that you have that you remember for a lifetime. Know that when you hire me you will have someone with experiences beyond just food and whatever I do it is with enthusiasm, professionalism, a positive attitude and a big smile!  It's all about the moments that take our breath away that really matter. 

Always Fresh, Always Delicious, Always with Aloha (Joyfully sharing life.)


Ann-Marie received her degree from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. Chef Ann-Marie grew up in Michigan, lived in the Washington, DC area for 10 years, China, Thailand, France, Switzerland and currently resides in  Maui, Hawaii where she has been living for the past seven years. 

Besides having a passion for cooking she has a love for traveling worldwide, having lived and traveled in over 35 countries. She speaks French. She loves swimming in the ocean and encountering wild spinner dolphins. She is an amateur photographer and designed this website and created the dolphin photo video journey.

Chef Ann-Marie's services are available on the island ofMaui and worldwide. She is open to conduct culinary retreats and classes anywhere in the world.